Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when it comes to our latest building, renovation or design projects. Luckily, if you find yourself needing a push, there are vast amounts of online resources available, and literally thousands of architecture blogs that can serve as go-to places for inspiration. Blogs can be an ideal resource, combining news, ideas, designs and often striking photography.
Here are seven to start:
Aimed at daily inspiration, this blog project by Architonic AG Zurich is focused on project-relevant information on the best projects, products and materials collected by its editors from other blogs and websites.

The Architecture Blog
This photo blog is simple in that it is strictly re-published photos. Browse through the photos, and then click through for the original articles and blogs.

A blog focused solely on design and architecture ideas with some amazing photography to get your mind churning. Posts offer numerous photos with limited text, and you can browse the “best of” along with categories of most viewed posts.

Eye Candy
As the name suggests, this blog features some stunning photography of buildings and their interiors. The aim is to inspire readers on their current projects through exposure.

This blog has photographs of some amazing contemporary buildings along with a section dedicated to architecture. Each post includes a thorough description and thumbnail archive of photos.
Daily inspiration for architecture and design, this blog offers excellent photography on homes from around the world as well as ideas for interior rooms and apartments.

This will-established blog features on a wide range of photo galleries, video and links on architectural topics, from modern houses and buildings to competitions and festivals.