White Granite Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen is a very crucial area of a house. You can manage and afford to overlook certain details of other areas when looking at a house, but one thing you simply cannot overlook is the kitchen. Did you know that an average woman spends 18 years of her life in the kitchen? This means that a woman spends a fair chunk of her entire life in the kitchen! If you are wondering whether to remodel your kitchen and make it a better place, or stay put, that figure ought to pull you out of the dilemma.

So, lets begin, shall we?

Marble, Soapstone, Granite, Quartz – you may have come cross innumerable options while on your venture to finding the ultimate material for your counter-tops. Each has its respective pros and cons but nothing, and we mean nothing comes close to what Granite has to offer.

We vote for Granite, the Grande Dame of all kitchenware material, and we have more reasons than one as to why you must too!

  1. Looks aren’t everything but with Granite, you’d be tempted to vouch for good (read: great) looks : There is absolutely no denying the fact that the clean finish, smoothness and sophisticated neat look that White Granite offers is commendable and worth looking out for. Unlike other materials, Granite is neither too bland nor too flaky; it is a little bit of everything you would normally want your eyes to be set upon!
  2. Its state of the art durability enables it to last a lifetime : If counter-tops could speak, they would tell the devastating tales of how tough life is for them! Cutting, chopping, scraping etc; you name it and your Granite counter-top can not only survive it, but also come out looking as good as new. Belonging to the hardest, most durable class of rock, Granite takes normal wear and tear and entails all kitchen activities rather gracefully.
  3. Granite is…wait for it… STAIN RESISTANT! : Possibly the most desirable, vital trait in anything that remotely belongs in the kitchen, Granite possesses it. That is right, A true Granite is stain resistant; which should cut your time spent in kitchen, in half.
  4. Granite makes for some of the most exceptional, fool-proof food preparation surfaces : Normally, cooking surfaces are, time and again, exposed to fingerprints, dust, water marks, water marks with dust etc. However, Granite stands strong against them all. What’s more, Granite resists heat from the stove or cooking range, or hot utensils, all too well; it appears to be fragile and delicate, yet is anything but. Additionally, granite surfaces are exceptionally sanitary. This can be attributed to the fact that they don’t harbor mold development or any kind of bacteria.
  1. Granite is incredibly easy to maintain : With your counter top made out of Granite, you no longer have to work excessively to clean those marks; a simple wipe with a detergent soaked cloth will do the trick.

So make a wise choice; its not every day you can break then make your kitchen. Granite is, without a doubt, a worthwhile, productive investment.