Natural stone countertops have been cut from granite, sandstone, quartz, or marble, and can be a beautiful and convenient addition to your home!  Here are a few advantages to stone countertops:

  • Cleaning your stone countertop is easy. You simply wipe with a damp cloth and they shine. Working with seafood, raw meat, vegetables and fruits is made easier because countertop materials like engineered stone won’t absorb liquids. Simple wipe and with a disinfectant liquid or foam.
  • Stone countertops look beautiful, since they are available in a variety of colors, tints, and shades.
  • Natural stone countertops can last a long time given normal wear. They don’t easily wear, crack, or chip. While the original outlay may be higher than average, over time, stone countertops will prove to be a wise investment.
  • Natural stone countertops are an environmentally friendly choice. Materials like granite, sandstone, and marble are products of solid rock. They are shaped with diamond-tipped saw blades and then buffed. Since there is no manufacturing process, there are no byproducts that would pollute air and/or water. Also, the process of creating countertops from natural stone requires little energy and produces fewer carbon emissions than any other countertop fabrication. The wastes produced by creating natural stone countertops are also minimal.
  • Natural stone countertops can make your kitchen an aesthetically pleasing place to be. Clean up is fast, safe, and easy.  If you have kids, natural stone countertops are practically indestructible. They can cut out cookies, roll dough, and even chop vegetables on your durable stone countertops.
  • Natural stone countertops can catch the eye of prospective buyers. Some of them will have this as one of their wish list items, and many homes can sell higher because the kitchen has natural stone countertops.