Marble can look fantastic in your kitchen, bathroom, or indeed in any room of the home if used appropriately. It is important to plan ahead to cater for the nuances of this fantastic stone to maximize the effect. Here are some great tips.

Choose the finish

Honed Marble: Honed marble has a matte textured finish which makes it lovely, smooth, and doesn’t scratch easily. The process of honing does, however, make it more susceptible to staining than other finishes.

Leather Marble: Producing a leather like finish, this process makes the marble reflective, which means it hides scratches well. It is usually only for darker coloured marble.

Polished Marble: This brings the marble to a nice shine, producing a really sleek effect that accentuates the natural features and nuances of the stone. It brings out the unique veining which is great but is also more susceptible to corrosion, so always mop up any spills straight away.


Beauty: Marble is beautiful. It has a classic look that radiates subtle, refined elegance. It is timeless and we absolutely love it for the kitchen and bathroom. It has a rare ability to look great in any era, regardlessof any change in styles and trends.

Cost: Some marble is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It is cheaper than granite and there is an affordable option called Carrera Marble if others are out of your price range.

Great to work with: Marble is a great work surface, it is cool to the touch and perfect for pastry making. It is also very easy to clean.


Scratches easily. It is not as hard wearing as granite and being a porous stone, it is susceptible to scratches and corrosion from foods and liquids.

Strains easily: Another drawback of being a porous stone, it absorbs whatever is spilled onto it if it is not mopped up quickly. This results in stains if you are not careful.

Top Tips

  • Never place anything hot directly on marble (use trivets)
  • Mop up spills immediately
  • Wash gently with soapy water
  • Never use chemical cleaning agents
  • Polish for a great finish


Marble is a fantastic stone that looks amazing in both the kitchen and bathroom. It can be more-cost effective and widely available than many think. It does require love, attention, and a commitment to keep it clean. If you choose the right finish for your purposes, your marble surfaces will age gracefully and beautifully.