Garden stone path with grass growing up between the stones

Natural stone used in a variety of ways can enhance your garden or outside space! Here are some tips:

Stonewalls – These are a great way to define a patio or seated area, giving the space a cozy and secluded feel, adding texture to the entire garden. A stonewall patio space can feel natural and rustic, yet also elegant. Different heights can be used depending on whether you want to add seating into the wall itself – this creates an intimate atmosphere. Here are some fantastic examples.

Natural stone steps-These are a superb solution if your garden is on a slope. Natural steps can provide an accessible and inviting walkway throughout the garden, being both practical and an attractive feature in itself. If you have a mature garden, they can naturally blend in to their surroundings. Here are some inspiring ideas:

Fire pits – If you love spending evenings outdoors watching the sunset with a glass of wine, a fire pit is a superb addition to your garden. The pit itself can be easily made, with surrounding seating being as rustic and simple or as elegant as your like. Summer nights can be spent with the kids, roasting s’mores, or it can make a romantic evening with your loved one.  Use these as inspiration:

Boulders and rocks – Large boulders can be used as features and work well surrounded by shrubbery and thick vegetation. They can also be used to make natural seating, which look great amongst dense foliage. Check this out for some ideas.

Natural stone paving for paths -Natural stone is great for pathways from the house leading into the patio or garden. They are very versatile and can be a great idea if all you have is a simple lawn. Natural paving works great with yards and is easy to install. Natural stone can be used for pathways that wind all the way through your garden. Here are some great examples: