5 things to know about soapstone

things to know about soapstone


Soapstone could be a great option to consider for your next kitchen renovation or other home projects. Here are five things you might not know about this stone!

It’s used for more than just kitchens

Soapstone is also used in the art world for making sculptures. There are two grades of soapstone for professional and personal use. The artistic-grade variety is softer and more pliable for carving and not ideal for countertops or other uses within the home.

It is cut-proof and stain-proof

Residential-grade soapstone is denser than marble, slate, limestone and even granite. It is virtually impenetrable and will not stain. This makes it ideal for heavily-used kitchens and even lab settings where spills are common.

It’s made in the USA

Much of the soapstone used in home renovation projects comes from New England, particularly Vermont. Architectural soapstone is most commonly found in Finland and Brazil. Soapstone fell out of style in the 20th century but is making a comeback as people rediscover its many uses.

It can stand the heat

Soapstone has a rich history in colonial America, where it was a popular choice for fireplaces and wood stoves because of its natural heat-resistant qualities. Many of those fireplaces and stoves are still around today. The ability to withstand high heat also makes it a good choice for commercial kitchens.

It won’t crack under pressure

There’s a reason why architects gravitate toward soapstone for sculptures that will be around for hundreds of years. The fact that soapstone is non-porous means that it’s less likely to erode from liquid seeping in. It’s also more pliable than granite, which means that it’s less likely to crack from weight and strain.

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