Beautiful Stone Entrances

beautiful stone entrances

Whether it is your home, your business, or your shop, the entrance is the first thing people see when they come to visit. Why not make it a memorable first impression?

One way to do this is to create an attractive and impressive stone entranceway.

Entryways take a beating. They are the arrival point to home and business visitors. Thus, floors need to be durable, serviceable, and easy to clean as well as attractive. When you install stone floors in your entryway, you accomplish all these. Stone will withstand dirt and moisture tracked from outside. It is a much more sensible choice than the presently popular hardwood flooring.

Some homes and businesses just naturally lend themselves to natural stone or stone tile. You can create a classic look or use as much creativity as you wish with this versatile building material.

Further, you can extend the same stone on the other side of the front door, thereby creating an elegant front step or porch. This does wonders to improve the curb appeal of your home or business.

Stone may be a more expensive building material for your entranceway and the cost of installing it is certainly not cheap. However, once it is done, it is practically indestructible. Where tiles will lift, crack, or discolor, and hardwood will warp and wear, a stone entranceway stands the test of time. It requires no coddling—just a damp mop to remove dirt.

If you have a stone entranceway and walkway, it is all you need at your home or business to present an elegant yet welcoming look.

The shielding archway protects visitors from the elements and the stone entranceway looks attractive in all kinds of weather.

Depending on the type of stone you want to use in your entranceway, this natural, environmentally friendly building material can be very inexpensive or even free for the taking.

Stone is a sensible building choice. Besides being very durable and extremely easy to maintain, it is fireproof, bug-proof, and vermin-proof and it will not rot or decay. Stone shows very little wear over time. Well-built stone entranceways will last for centuries and they help us save building materials for other uses.

Imagine how impressed your “green” friends or clients will be when they enter your entranceway and see how attractive your natural building materials look.


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