A closer look at stone veneer siding

closer look at stone veneer siding


If you want the natural, authentic look of real stone in your next renovation or improvement project without many of the drawbacks, stone veneer siding might be your ticket.

Designed to replicate the visceral strength, quality and beauty of real stone, stone veneer sidings are made from natural stone as well as manufactured stone. The natural veneers are made from real stone and cut to a thickness and weight for use as a veneer. The manufactured style is made by concrete poured into molds, which is then painted to resemble the natural variation and weathering of stone.

The benefits of stone veneer siding are numerous, and the biggest advantage is cost. At a fraction of the price of using real brick or stone, it can serve as a great alternative while offering the same feel of strength and durability along with affordability.
Not only does stone veneer siding cost less than the real thing, it is also easier and less expensive to install. The veneer is typically 1 inch thick and weighs 15 pounds per square foot, so it does not require footings or structural support because of its light weight. There are only a few steps to installing stone veneer, and my online options for step-by-step instructions, including the DIY Network  and Wikihow , just as examples. Just like real stone and brick, stone veneer siding can be used on the interior and exterior of your home. Outside uses have long been popular for doorway entrances, columns, half walls, patio bars, planters and landscape design among many other uses. Stone veneers are becoming increasingly popular for interior use, from the traditional places (fireplace surrounds) to others you might not normally think of like kitchen backsplashes, wine cellars, columns, accent walls and even bathrooms.

The variety of colors, designs and uses for the different types of veneers are numerous, and the website Houzz.com  offers more than 165,000 home design photos for ideas.


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