Creative walkways and pathways

Creative walkways and pathways


The outdoor pathways and walkways of your home don’t have to be boring or ugly, only getting you from one point to another. They can be a feature that adds aesthetic value and interest to your property, blending both form and function.

Yes, you can be creative with walkways and pathways, and the results can be both beautiful and practical.

Knowing where to start with this endeavor, however, can be tough. Not only is there the design to think about, but also what materials should be used, and how it will integrate with the rest of your outdoor space. Here are a few ideas for some inspiration:

The gravel walkway.
This is an easy way to bring character and easy maintenance to a natural feeling walkway or pathway. Add stone or wood edging for a more formal feel, or have varying widths with no borders, and create casual curves to incorporate all of the landscaping. Here is [an idea from and some other examples from

The log look.
This is a natural, rustic look that can also be visually pleasing to match your garden space. The log pathway can carry the natural feeling from the different spaces it buffers, and can be designed into any shape to fit the spaces. Here’s an example from Pinterest.

The mosaic design.
Use small stones of varying colors to create a mosaic design that stands out for its aesthetic value. A curved design, like this one on Pinterest, can be pleasing to the eye and match the surrounding space, or a straight, edged version like these can create a more distinct walkway.

Use lighting to lead the way.
Use lighting to help define your walkway and lead the way to where you’re going. Try rope lighting along the stone or brick edging, [like this idea from Pinterest, or go way beyond the norm with glow-in-the-dark paint on your walkway.

Utilize shapes and sizes.
Use eco-friendly tiles or stone slabs in similar sizes to create an elegant look that naturally leads the eye forward, like this example from, and incorporate curves like this example on for a serpentine feel. Offset materials of different sizes to create different geometric shapes like this or this from


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