Creative Ways to Use Granite In Your Home

Use Granite In Your Home


Commonly used for countertops in kitchens or bathrooms, granite is highly durable, strong, and attractive.  However, granite can also be used in other places throughout your home. Here are a few ideas on where to add granite to your living spaces!

Fireplace mantle

Add flair to your living area by creating your fireplace mantle out of granite. Not only will granite encourage family and friends into your living room for family gatherings, but it can also add a majestic touch to your both your fireplace and living room.

Basins or sinks

Granite sinks come in an assortment including a pedestal sink, angular modern basin, or an under mount sink. With its easy maintenance and resistance to water, granite sinks can make cleaning and maintaining your bathroom a much easier job.

 Floor tiles

Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and marble tiles are among the more common elegant forms of tiling found in today’s modern home. However, granite can be used as an elegant floor tile for your home specifically as a garden path, patio flooring, around the pool, or in an outdoor kitchen.

Mosaic flair

Try incorporating granite as mosaic patterns within your walls or floors either inside or outside your home. Another beautiful mosaic alternative is to incorporate granite mosaic into a larger tile which can then be installed as a single piece. Whichever your preference, capitalize on the decorative beauty of granite in your home décor.

Table or desk tops

Take advantage of granite’s strength, durability and style by transforming your dining room or office by replacing your dining room table top or desk top with granite. Your dining room and office will take on a fresh, modern look while keeping that top-quality professionalism.

Vanity tops

Since granite is resistant to mold, water, and bacteria, it can be a great material to use in your vanity tops. Its strength makes it able to resist any if not most bathroom rigors. With granite vanity tops, your bathrooms will benefit from the qualities of granite while maintaining an air of elegance and class.

Reinvent the backsplash

Whether you create your own or get professional help, reinvent your kitchen backsplash with granite. It makes a great barrier between your kitchen wall and grease or water due to its multi-functionality!


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