Decorating Trends with Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

Decorating Trends with Precious and Semi Precious Stones


Sometimes the latest in design trends can sneak up on you and become immensely popular before you even thought of making some changes. Now that you have come up for air, it’s good to know that precious and semi-precious stones are an in thing.

It might not have been an obvious direction to take to turn to semi-precious stones in your home interior design choices. But they can be applied in numerous ways in different rooms, adding a dramatic, eye-catching and sometimes glamorous impact. Here are five emerging trends for home decorating with precious and semi-precious stones:

Countertop slabs. Many high-end kitchens are adding the dramatic effect of semi-previous countertop slabs like this one. Popular for kitchen center islands, these slabs can add a serious pop of color.

Pop to the fireplace. The fireplace surround is a popular place to showcase the color and shape of semi-precious stones. The eye-catching effect creates a true focal point of a room, such as this example.

Outdoor paver designs. Decorative stones of all kinds aren’t limited to inside design trends. Elaborate designs using precious stone pavers can be used in the driveway or to showcase a fountain. On a smaller scale, semi-precious stones can create a dramatic statement in pathways, courtyards and breathtaking mosaic decoration.

Feature wall focus. By design, feature walls are made to draw attention. Adding semi-precious stone slabs around a fireplace or creating an entire feature wall design to encase a fireplace or flat screen TV is a hot trend.

The table trend. All types of precious and semi-precious stones can be used to fabricate tables that add flair to any room. This agate table steals the show in a neutral room, while modern looks are in play for dining tables and sleek coffee tables.


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