Tips For Decorating With Stone Inside Your Home

Decorating with Stone in Home


Incorporating stone inside the home is a timeless, classic way to spruce up your interior decor. Stone also provides for great sound absorption, durability, and low maintenance upkeep. Here are 3 different tips for decorating your house using stone:

A Rustic Feel

  • Stone fireplaces add coziness and comfort to living rooms and bedrooms, and make for an impressive main focal point in a home
  • A stone stairwell with a stone wall creates a great rustic atmosphere for you when walking throughout your home
  • For a country feel, use rock walls instead of stone, and mix textures for an eclectic look
  • Include warm toned stones with earthy colors and rugged textures.

An Elegant Look

  • Choose smooth stone flooring with brightly colored walls to create an elegant look
  • Opt for using only one wall of stones for a large room, creating a minimalist and modern feel
  • Use stones that have cool, muted tones and have monochromatic colors that can blend easily with furniture and room color palettes, providing an elegant atmosphere
  • Mix rough textured stone walls or backsplash with modern amenities
  • Smooth stone walls and floors create calming and soothing bathroom environments, and are sleek to the touch

Finding A Balance

Too much rock or stone within your home can make a house feel more like a dungeon than a castle. Try mixing stone or rock elements with other materials such as wood or concrete. Brighten up a dark colored stone room with colorful rugs. Construct stone walls within rooms that contain large windows, providing a bright and airy atmosphere. As you blend stone flooring or walls with other textures or colors, you’ll bring a better balance to your home!


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