Eco-friendly landscaping ideas

Eco friendly landscaping ideas


We are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, and rightly so. But how do you incorporate eco-friendly ideas into your garden?

When designing your garden, always look for ways to reduce water consumption and recycle materials. When buying materials, look for products from sustainable sources. Here are some tips to get you started:

Reduce your lawn area: Grass uses up a huge amount of water. If you live in an area that is susceptible to droughts, consider how much strain gardens can place on the public water supply. Synthetic turf is a great way to combat this. It can look very natural as well as being very durable – it can last for many years. Needless to say, it requires no water and very little maintenance, making it an eco-friendly, hassle-free option.

Get a compost bin: A compost bin is a great way to utilize what you normally throw away and put it to work in the garden.  Make use of organic household waste by putting your fruit and vegetable scraps in the compost bin. These will degrade into useable material full of nutrients that you can use in your garden. It helps plants and flowers grow, with more nutrients than any soil that can be bought. Here’s how to create your own compost heap

Grow your own vegetables: A vegetable patch is a great way to grow your own organic and delicious food. Free from pesticides, these are a healthier option that reduces demand for mass farmed produce. Carrots, beans, zucchini and radishes are just a few to get started. Think about which plants grow well together.  Here are some great tips for companion planting

Get your materials from sustainable sources: If you are buying timber for decks or to build any kind of structure, make sure that it is ethically sourced. Identify whether the timber is from forests where trees are replanted rather than forests that are exploited. Don’t be afraid to ask your supplier.

Attract wildlife into your garden: It may be easier than you think to help wildlife. By creating a hospitable atmosphere, your garden can attract all sorts of animals, including birds, hedgehogs and bees. Plant a mixture of flowers and shrubs to attract (the right kind of) insects. Care for mature trees as they are a life giver to much wildlife. If water is not scarce, consider a water source like a pond.


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