What Flooring is Right for Your Home?

What Flooring Is Right For Your Home


Deciding what flooring material is best for your home? Here are are few tips that may help.


Because of hardwood’s warm, natural feel and durability, it continuously is the floor of choice for most homeowners. Of all the hardwoods, oak will remain the top choice. Other woods such as cherry and imported exotic woods like Tasmanian oak or Brazilian cherry are also worth your consideration.


It is simpler to install than solid wood hardwood flooring and is a lot less expensive. Laminate flooring gets its name because it’s composed of various wood-based materials.  They are laminated or layered together and topped with wood grain photographic imprints on the faces of all boards.


Unlike a hardwood floor, the material utilized to make bamboo floors isn’t a tree, yet actually a woody, lightweight grass. The regenerating, fast-growing plant has the strength of steel, making for a very durable flooring. It can resist swelling and contraction with humidity changes.


As with bamboo, cork is a green floor alternative. One additional bonus of cork is that its honeycomb-like structure provides it a cushiony feel underneath your feet.


Linoleum’s present popularity is mainly because of its appeal as a green floor option. It’s considered environmentally-friendly because it is made from all-natural materials and doesn’t deplete the forests.


Porcelain is a popular selection for tiles, as is terra cotta and natural stones like slate, travertine, granite, or marble. While choosing tile on a budget, porcelain will be the most cost-effective option.


It is a particularly popular selection for rooms prone to moisture issues, like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Vinyl also is softer underfoot than tile and easier to clean.


With the broad array of sealers and specialty stains presently in the marketplace, gray and plain concrete may be stained and stamped to look like tumbled stone, polished marble, brick pavers or pretty much anything. There isn’t any limit to the possibilities in design, which is the real beauty of concrete flooring. Do you desire long-lasting durability? Concrete will hold up like no other floor option. Concrete is low maintenance. It is also the ideal floor option for radiant heat.


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