Home Staging and Sale Property Preparation

Home Staging and Sale Property Preparation

Staging your home and properly preparing your home for open houses can have a big impact on your final sale price. The goal of home staging is to present your property in the best light, while making it easy for potential buyers to envisions themselves living in the space. There are many expert home staging companies, but trying to choose one on your own can be a challenge. You want a professional stager whose work has proven results. Your local, experience real estate agent can recommend which stagers they use and can connect you with the best professionals for your home. Your real estate agent may also be a great referral source for other home maintenance professionals who can help you prepare your home for sale like the best contractors, plumbers, electricians and window washers.

Here are some home staging tips and ideas to get you started on making your house sell-ready:

Declutter Everywhere
And by declutter we mean move every single personal thing out of your place—knickknacks, kitschy decorations, souvenirs, tattered furniture. It all goes elsewhere for the sake of staging. When you look at knickknacks and collectibles you remember their sentimental value, but these items don’t have the same impact on buyers who don’t know you. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves in your space and its easiest for that to happen if they don’t see clothes in the closet, family photos and random tchotchkes.

Focus on Kitchens and Bathrooms
Your kitchen and bathrooms are key to the resale value of your home. Get these spaces thoroughly clean (maybe a maid service can go the extra mile here), expect prospective buyers to open cabinets and pantries so keep them under filled and organized, and think about how low cost upgrades could help these rooms. Maybe it’s time for new cabinet knobs, new faucet fixtures or a new light.

Knock Buyers’ Socks off with Curb Appeal
Don’t forget the exterior when staging your home. Replace any bad areas of grass with new sod. Add fresh top soil to flower beds. Consider potted plants for your porch or entrance. Trim bushes and trees to make your yard look neat and well maintained.

Grow your space with Mirrors
Well placed mirrors will make your living spaces look lighter, brighter and bigger just like magic. Put mirrors in places that help bounce sunlight around the walls.

Don’t forget your table manners
Simply setting the table can have a big affect on buyers. Seeing a nicely set table makes potential home buyers feel welcome. Similar effects can be achieved by using non-scented candles throughout the home, hanging nice hand towels in the bathrooms, setting a breakfast tray on the bed or putting a nice book on the coffee table.

Play up Light
Open all window coverings all the way to allow people to better view your home in sunshine. Home buyers love big, bright rooms. Make sure your windows are clean inside and out and you’ve dusted your windowsills.

Last but not least, Clean, then clean some more
A sparkling clean house gives buyers the impression your home has been well-maintained over the years. Knock down cobwebs, wipe counter tops, scrub grout, mop floors, wash light fixtures and repeat. Keep the space fresh and clean until it sells; a one-time cleaning won’t be enough. You may want to consider hiring a weekly cleaning service once your house is staged. If it shortens your selling time, it’s money well spent.


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