How to Take Care of Stone Floors

care about stone floors


Natural stone will require a different maintenance regimen than man-made, traditional ceramic tile. Here are a couple of few tips on taking care of stone floors!

Use stone cleansers

Just use cleaners especially made for cleaning stone. Those cleaners have no acids and include concentrated neutral pH cleaners which won’t affect wax-type coatings or existing sealers. The stone’s surface must be dampened using clear water. It’ll keep the cleaning agent on the surface in order for it to be effective. A solution of the water and cleaner mixed to manufacturer directions ought to be applied to the stone surface using a mop or sponge. On kitchen counters, walls, or vanity tops, a spray bottle may be utilized to apply the solution. Permit sitting for manufacturers suggested quantity of time (typically 3 – 5 minutes). Agitate using a synthetic mop, sponge, soft bristle brush or by using of a floor-scrubbing machine. Mop dirty solution up then buff dry.

Apply wax-tape

As the stone is cleaned, you may occasionally apply a wax-type, Spray-Buff flooring finish to enhance the luster and beauty of polished stone (which includes countertops). Apply finish using a spray applicator and immediately buff using nylon, white pad. As often as needed, reapply depending upon volume of surface traffic, as well as consistency of a regular maintenance program. The product isn’t made to restore the initial shine, yet is meant to protect and maintain the initial shine. It may be bought from many Home Centers or via a Professional Floor Covering Dealer in your area.


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