Inexpensive Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Inexpensive ways to add curb appeal Small


What is Curb Appeal?

In a word: curb appeal is all about facade. Curb appeal refers to how attractive your house looks to those who drive by.

Why is Curb Appeal Important?

An attractive exterior may make the difference between whether people become potential buyers or whether they drive right by without looking at your home’s appealing interior features. Curb appeal is like eye catching wrapping paper on a gift. First impressions are crucial to the real estate market. Nearly 65% of shoppers will come and check out a home they’ve driven by or looked at online if they liked what they saw.

Ways to Add Curb Appeal that won’t Break the Bank

Here are some sure fire ways to attract home buyers.

  1. Paint your front door. Use a vibrant, cheerful, eye-catching color. Favorites are red, burgundy, cobalt blue and green.
  2. Scrub and paint your door’s hardware.
  3. Add baskets of flowers at several levels at the front door. Consider adding hanging baskets.
  4. Buy an attractive welcome mat.
  5. Update those tired, faded house numbers.
  6. Paint the trim around your front door. Add matching molding.
  7. Add a stylish door knocker.
  8. Upgrade those porch light fixtures.
  9. Add tile or stone to the entry or use faux tile with a concrete staining or stamping kit.
  10. Edge your house with flower beds. A little color goes a long way.
  11. Give your garage door an easy inexpensive upgrade by painting the aluminum with wood stain. Or paint it to match the front door. Add some carriage lights or a pergola to enhance the garage’s appearance. Plant fast-growing ivy on the pergola.
  12. Power wash siding to give it a clean look. Don’t forget to do the decks, front steps and the entrance way exterior.
  13. Add a stair runner or paint your front steps.
  14. Cover an exposed foundation with prefab panels or imitation brick panels.
  15. Paint those unsightly electrical boxes to blend into the house exterior.
  16. Enclose your HVAC system so it looks attractive.
  17. Put a rocker or two on the front porch to give the place an inviting look.
  18. Repair torn screens and broken windows.
  19. Clean those windows until they sparkle.
  20. Add faux shutters to the windows.
  21. Clean out the eaves troughs and paint them.
  22. Add some window boxes and fill them with bright, hardy annuals.
  23. Clean up debris, storing bicycles, kids’ toys, gardening equipment, and other personal items in the garage or storage shed.
  24. Hang up hoses.
  25. If you have a mailbox out front, give it a makeover.

With a few inexpensive touches and some elbow grease, you can increase your home’s curb appeal.


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