Installing a backyard swimming pool

Installing a backyard swimming pool


As tempting as it may be to dive straight in and install your dream swimming pool, take a moment to carry out some research. Consider the design of your pool – how will it compliment the surroundings? Find out what materials, technology and designs are readily available and make sure you plan a budget for your venture.  

Budget for all expenses

Installing your pool will involve an initial investment as well as continuous maintenance costs. The design of your pool will determine the primary amount of cash invested. Make sure you take into account all aspects of the installation, but don’t forget the ongoing costs. These will include purchasing cleaning chemicals, preparing your pool for each season, maintaining the interior lining, maintaining the filtration, the heating systems, insurance, and covering the increase in utility bills.

Designing your swimming pool

Create a book of your favourite existing designs. Swimming pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and can have ornate features. They can be sunk into the ground or raised. The choice is yours, but remember that your pool not only needs to look good it also needs to fit the purpose you decide on.

Choosing the materials

There are a variety of materials available. Pools can be constructed from concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. You will need to consider the suitability for the materials in the landscape too.

Cleaning and heating systems

Your pool will need a filtration and heating systems. Consider the eco-friendly options. Costs can be controlled by taking simple measures, such as using a pool cover or building an enclosure. The use of timers to control pumps and lighting prevent unnecessary energy wastage. Research systems that use alternative energy sources, such as solar powered heating.

Meeting regulations

Be aware of building regulations in your area. Your chosen contractor should know the rules but make sure you have a good knowledge of them too. Rules can involve many aspects, including perimeter fences, building permits, noise levels and depths for diving.


Homeowner’s insurance will cover your swimming pool but check to make sure you’re aware of whether or not your premiums will rise because of having a pool.

Finding a contractor

Employing the right person to work with you on the project is crucial. Ask around locally, check with builders’ associations, including the Better Business Bureau and the National Association of Home Builders. Don’t settle for the first person you meet. Interview several people, check out references and ask for portfolios of work. Additionally, make sure the person you choose has all the skills, and meets all the legal requirements to work with you to install your dream swimming pool.


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