Kitchen Remodel: The Big 3 Kitchen Design Decisions

kitchen design decisions


Kitchen remodel is a big financial commitment so spending time researching and incorporating all the features you want and need into your new space is essential. A kitchen remodel can be a good way to build your home’s value, so you may want to take into consideration how the decisions you make will appeal to future home buyers. If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, big or small, you’ll want to pay attention to the big three design concerns: arranging the appliances and sink for a good work flow, making quality decisions when it comes to your cabinetry, and selecting counter tops.

Key to contemporary kitchen design is arranging the appliances and sink for the best working flow. This can be daunting at first but is simpler than one might think to implement. Experts agree that creating a triangle flow from the sink, stove and refrigerator is best. If you do decide to incorporate an island in your kitchen be sure not to obstruct this flow and consider adding a prep sink, seating area, wine cooler or even a cooking top to the island for dramatic value and function.

Cabinets are one of the most important aspects of your kitchen remodel. Current cabinet trends can be good for your wallet: a simpler, shaker style is popular now, which is quite cost effective and works with nearly any design. Since cabinet doors will often be a large percentage of your total cost, spending less on the shaker style may allow you to spend more money on the areas of the kitchen that will stand out like the counter tops and back splash.

Regardless of the cabinet door style you select, when designing your cabinets be sure to really think about storage and utilizing all the space possible. A deep cabinet above your refrigerator and a large pots drawer in the lower cabinet will pay dividends later. Depending on your space, having your cabinets custom made can actually cost less than buying the pre-fabricated ones from the home improvement giants and are typically higher quality while allowing you to create your own design. Custom made cabinets can take a little longer so may not be the best option if you’re limited on time, but the look, feel and quality will usually outweigh any headaches if you’re working with a reputable cabinet builder or carpenter.

The third big feature that impacts the look and feel of your kitchen remodel are your countertops. Once you have your kitchen nearly complete, the countertops are typically the last thing to be installed. This is usually the most expensive part of the remodel next to the cabinetry so going with a safe, long lasting option is best. Granite counters are hugely popular. The cost of the counter tops varies widely and depends on where/who you get them from but if you can afford it, there is no better way to add value to your home than with beautiful stone or granite counters.

Taking your wish list and turning it into a useable kitchen can be a monumental undertaking, however, with just a little planning and creativity it can be done. Aside from these three big design concerns, incorporating a few little creative features into your kitchen can help make your remodeled kitchen truly spectacular. Some of the most popular trends are glass countertops, soft-close drawers, pull-outs and even touch-to-activate sink faucets. By considering the current trends you can help keep your new kitchen looking clean and modern all while adding real value to your home.


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