What to Know About Sandstone Bathroom Tiles

What to Know About Sandstone Bathroom Tiles


Are you the type of person who dreams of the beach all year round? You might only be able to put your toes in real sand a few times a year, but sandstone tiles in your bathroom can help you imagine yourself there every day.

Sandstone is a unique-looking natural stone that is often overlooked in favor of granite, quartzite, and other stones. As with any type of natural stone, there are a few pros and cons to consider when it comes to your bathroom.

Sandstone Bathroom Tile Pros

First and foremost, sandstone is beautiful to look at. More than perhaps any other type of natural stone, it brings the feeling of being outdoors inside. Its neutral color scheme works well with just about any design aesthetic.

Sandstone is also very durable and easy to replace if something happens to a tile. There’s no set pattern to the stone, so no one will even notice if you have to replace old tiles with new ones.

It is also very environmentally friendly because it does not contain any plastics or other manmade materials. It will eventually biodegrade and fold completely back into the Earth. This process happens over hundreds of years, so no need to worry about your floor fading away!

Sandstone Bathroom Tile Cons

While sandstone can be a great addition to your bathroom, there are also a few red flags to consider before making a final decision.

It can be very slippery when it gets wet, which can be a huge problem in a bathroom. If you are using sandstone tiles on a floor, try to use a version that’s not polished or completely smooth to add a little more traction.

Sandstone is also more prone to water absorption than other types of stone. Make sure to seal it when it’s installed; then, depending on your bathroom, renew the seal every six months to one year as needed to prevent mold and mildew from forming.


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