Landscaping Ideas With Stone

Landscaping Ideas with Stone


Adding touches of stone within a backyard can create a rustic yet elegant atmosphere, blending in beautifully with surrounding natural elements. Here are some ideas for incorporating stone in your own yard:


Adding stone steps to either a front entryway or backyard can create a stunning attraction that catches the eye. Mix and match different tones, colors, and textures of stone to establish a nice contrast between green foliage and rock.


Stone walkways are widely unique installations that can be designed in many different ways. Choose large cut stones for a smooth walkway of square or geometric design for a classic modern look. Or instead, use small and rough stones to create a quaint fieldstone path, perfect for cottages and gardens.


Redo a driveway by laying down a pattern of different colored stones to add a cozy and stylish element to your drive. Choose smooth stones in different textures and patterns, and watch your driveway transform into a work of art.

Fillers And Pathways

Replace grass with earthy tones of gravel for a modern and desert feel. You won’t have to worry about the upkeep of watering grass, and gravel provides a natural alternative for those living in hot climates. Gravel is also charming for pathways leading up to a house or for winding around gardens and yards, and provides a nice texture for walking.


Pieces of peach colored flagstone can make the floor of any patio elegant, and adds nicely to a surrounding yard of flowers and trees. Its smooth surface is ideal for families walking and playing, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for parties and relaxation.


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