Landscaping to highlight a front yard

landscaping to highlight a front yard Small


One of a prospective buyer’s first impressions of a home or business is the front yard. An attractive front yard can greatly increase the selling price of a property.  Even if you are not selling your home or business you want neighbors and visitors to have a good impression of where you live or work.

What things make a good impression?

A healthy, well cared for lawn. If your lawn is kept mowed and free of weeds it creates a good impression. You can do this yourself, have a lawn care service do it or have a sod company install your grass and then maintain the cutting, aeration, weed and feed program yourself. A healthy lawn is like the canvas an artist paints upon. It is a good start.

Other ways to add curb appeal are things like a fountain or a sculpture or a flowerbed or other center of interest.

Your driveway and walkway are also part of the overall effect of your front yard. Consider surface options like concrete, stamped concrete, interlocking brick, paving stones or crushed stone. Whatever surface you use should be easy maintenance and aesthetically pleasing when combined with your house or business.

If you are adding lights, remember: Less is more. Don’t clutter your yard with decorations or lights.

The same holds true for color. When choosing plants it is better to go with one color and to choose one which complements your house.

Consider shrubs and flowers that are perennial and hardy to cut down on the cost and labor of planting annually. If your house or business rises above street level, consider adding elevated walks and/or steps, which give your building an added dimension and center of interest.

Walkway or flower garden borders of edging shrubs or railroad ties or large stone add interest and give edges a finished look.

The next area to consider is that front entrance way. It should look clean and inviting not cluttered or barren.

Steps should be clear of pots or other objects. The plants, planters, and other objects used should blend with the colors and style of the front door.

Adding curb appeal to your home or business can pay off in many ways—both financial and aesthetic. Renovations needn’t break the bank. Check out Internet and landscaping magazines for ideas.


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