Modern Flooring Options

Modern Flooring Options


Choosing the right flooring in your home can be the biggest stamp on the modern design you are reaching for, bringing the “wow” factor that establishes your style and tastes.

Flooring doesn’t have to always start and end with hardwood. Some of the hottest trends in flooring come from new technologies and unique materials that might surprise you:

Simple Style
One of the hottest modern flooring options is concrete, which can be altered in a variety of ways to create a variety of different feels. Concrete can be stained, painted or stamped to create a look unique to your home and style.  Among the benefits of concrete are that it is inexpensive, virtually maintenance free, and great for high-traffic areas like kitchens. Here are some examples via Pinterest.

For many, leather is the ultimate splurge when it comes to modern flooring options. Leather flooring? Yes, and the options, colors and styles are almost endless, allowing you to go for any distinct look and feel you would like. Although, it is an expensive option. Think about leather options in an office, den or study for a high-end look. Check out some examples.

Pop some Cork
Cork is eco-friendly as a renewable resource and will provide a warm, durable and soft feel underfoot. Cork can be an elegant and modern pick because it comes in a variety of colors and textures. Not only is it easy to install, but it can dazzle in any room – and it is especially trending in kitchens. See Pinterest for examples.

Reclaimed Look
Another chic look is to bring back something old and make it new. Reclaimed wood from barns, factories and fences is becoming very popular to bring in a natural element in an otherwise modern design. The worn-out look can be sleek because of the darker tones in aged wood, while imperfections and the distinct look of each slab bring an edge. Check here for some examples.

One of the newest products out there is antibacterial porcelain stoneware. You can achieve a sophisticated, high-end look that is also high-performance, inside or outside. They cause a dramatic reduction of the four main bacterial strains and are effective fighting mold, yeast and fungi. With a variety of colors, sizes (tiles or slabs) and finishes, the options are many.


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