The Natural Beauty of Travertine Stones

beauty of travertine stone

Travertine is usually found around wet caves or hot springs. It is a type of sedimentary rock used as pathways, walkways, kitchen and bathroom sink, monuments, building cladding, mosaic, countertop, flooring, wall finish or pavers and other constructions and products.

Travertine stones are very beautiful. Common finishes to its surface include polished, honed, flamed, and brushed. Polished finishes shine like mirrors while brushed finishes are often used in combination with a chipped edge corner treatment when creating a “tumbled” style tile.

Travertine typically has a rough texture and contains various mineral deposits.  It also has tiny holes made by air bubbles and organisms.  Travertine has a limited color range and usually comes in red, yellow, white, cream, or beige. It can be purchased with its holes left untouched for a more natural design or as filled tiles where the holes are filled to create an even and smooth surface. The purchase of factory filled stone is promoted by the industry. However buying the unfilled stone and properly applying a high-quality matching fill is also an option.

The great thing about travertine is that once it is installed and sealed it requires very little maintenance. This allows for a beautiful and timeless appearance. Travertine is perfect for outdoors because it is naturally resistant to extreme heat and cold. Furthermore, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight, it remains cool to the touch. Travertine’s natural beauty compels many homeowners to use it indoors. Its natural rough surface makes it skid-resistant.  That’s why it’s a preferred option for the construction of swimming pool pavers.


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