Distressed Durango Travertine Tile 8″ x 16″ (Honed and Chiselled)

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  • Countertops: No
  • Exterior: Yes
  • Flooring: Yes
  • Freezing Conditions: No
  • Walls / Backsplashes: Yes


Durango Travertine is a specific type of travertine stone that is quarried from the Durango region in Mexico. Travertine, in general, is a sedimentary rock that forms from the precipitation of calcium carbonate in mineral springs or groundwater. It’s commonly used in construction and decoration due to its unique appearance, durability, and versatility.

Durango Travertine, as the name suggests, comes from the state of Durango in Mexico. The stone from this region often exhibits a range of warm tones, including beige, gold, and reddish hues, making it a popular choice for various design applications. The specific appearance of Durango Travertine can vary based on factors like the mineral content, vein patterns, and finishing techniques used.

Due to its natural beauty and durability, Durango Travertine is commonly used for:

Flooring: It’s a popular choice for both interior and exterior flooring, especially in areas where a warm and rustic look is desired.

Countertops: Durango Travertine can be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, adding a touch of elegance to these spaces.

Wall Cladding: Whether for interior accent walls or exterior facades, Durango Travertine can create a visually appealing and textured surface.

Fireplace Surrounds: The unique patterns and colors of Durango Travertine can enhance the aesthetics of fireplace surrounds.

Outdoor Pavers: Its durability makes it suitable for pathways, patios, and other outdoor areas.

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