Turco Classico Vein Cut and Filled Travertine

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  • Countertops: Yes
  • Exterior: Yes
  • Flooring: Yes
  • Freezing Conditions: No
  • Walls / Backsplashes: Yes


Travertine are commonly used in various construction and design applications. Travertine is a natural stone that forms from the precipitation of calcium carbonate in mineral springs or groundwater. It has a distinctive appearance characterized by its unique patterns, colors, and textures.

Travertine slabs are popular for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. They can be used for both interior and exterior projects, ranging from residential to commercial spaces. Here are some common uses for travertine slabs:

  1. Countertops: Travertine slabs can be used for kitchen and bathroom countertops, adding a touch of natural elegance to these areas.
  2. Flooring: Large travertine slabs can create beautiful flooring surfaces that add warmth and sophistication to indoor spaces.
  3. Wall Cladding: Travertine slabs can be applied to walls, either as accent pieces or to cover entire surfaces, adding texture and visual interest.
  4. Fireplace Surrounds: The unique patterns and colors of travertine can enhance the aesthetics of fireplace surrounds, making them focal points in living spaces.
  5. Outdoor Paving: In outdoor areas like patios, pathways, and pool surrounds, travertine slabs can create a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.
  6. Stairs and Steps: Travertine slabs can be cut and shaped to create steps and staircases, providing both functionality and beauty.
  7. Tabletops and Furniture: Some designers use travertine slabs to create tabletops, benches, and other furniture pieces for a natural, timeless look.
  8. Water Features: The porous nature of travertine makes it suitable for use in water features and fountains, where the water can flow through its textured surface.

When selecting travertine slabs for your project, consider factors like color, pattern, finish (e.g., polished, honed, tumbled), and the overall aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve.

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