Redecorating a Guest Room for Summer Visitors

redecorating a guest room for summer visitors Medium

That guest room may have looked quite presentable last fall. But with the prospect of summer visitors, it now looks tired. Here are some ways to perk up your spare room without paying a fortune to do so.

Your first concern should not be the aesthetics of the room. While these are important your number one priority should be to ensure that your visitors get a good night’s sleep. If they don’t it won’t matter how pretty their surroundings are!

Check out the mattress. Is it still in good shape? Is it a good quality mattress? Would you be willing to sleep on it?

How good are the bed linens? Keep the sheets simple and layered. Get a good designer look for rock bottom prices by shopping at discount or linen outlet stores. Freshly launder sheets with a light scented or unscented detergent. Add a light weight blanket, and fluffy new pillows. Have extra pillows and blankets available. Limit decorator throw pillows to three. Include a bedside table or desk, an alarm clock or clock radio and a lamp.

Another perk is a comfy chair and ottoman for reading or watching TV. Include a dresser with empty drawers so they can unpack and a closet outfitted with nice hangers. Nice extra touches include a basket with books and magazines and a single cup coffee or tea maker and an attractive cup.

If your guests are sharing a bathroom, provide hand towels, bath towels, a washcloth, a nice bar of soap and individual hair products.

If you are redecorating, new bed linens and drapes make a world of difference. This might be all that is needed. Another quick fix is a fresh coat of paint. Choose something neutral and add color with paintings, throw cushions and/or bedspread. Try mixing and matching by painting three walls and adding a feature wall with striped wallpaper, a mural, or a unique paint technique.

Other amenities that are appreciated by guests include a full-length mirror and a dresser top or bathroom counter top where they can lay out toiletries.  A luggage rack or low table on which to put luggage is also a nice addition. Shop for these items at discount stores, second hand stores, or garage sales.

Remember: Your aim is to make your guests feel at home by adding personal touches like a little fridge containing their favorite beverages and a basket of their favorite snacks.


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