How to Repair Stains and Scratches on Stone Surfaces

stains and scratches on stones urfaces


Natural stone is known for being extremely durable, but despite that accidents are bound to happen. A stain or scratch on limestone, granite, or other types of stone does not have to be the end of the world.

In fact, there are several quick and easy methods you can use to repair stains and scratches on many types of stone surfaces:


When it comes to removing scratches from natural stone, the first thing you need to know is where the scratch begins and ends. Use your fingers or hands to verify what your eyes see. You might be surprised to find that the scratch is larger than it appears to the eye.

From there, make sure the area is clear of dirt and debris before you begin doing any repairs. Each type of stone has buffing pads and polishers that are customized to that material. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully on whatever method you are using.

Once the scratch is repaired, apply a sealer to the area to ensure that the crack does not reopen. You may also need to polish or refinish the area to make it blend in with the rest of the stone surface.


Stains are easier to cause than scratches and, in many cases, are also easier to remove. There are some stains, however, that set in and require more effort to care for.

In those cases, you’ll need to employ a professional-grade cleaner. Again, there are products on the market for each specific type of stone. It might be tempting to use one product for multiple types of stone, but each product is made with a particular stone in mind.

As you are working on removing the stain, be careful that you do not end up scratching the stone surface in the process. The same thing applies to removing scratches — products used to fix them can end up staining the surface in the process!


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