Our laser focus is exclusively on stone supply. We bring in Stone Materials from 36 countries. Our purpose is to bring the best quality from quarries/factories all over the world and provide our clients with the Highest Standard of quality. Our mission is to be your reliable source to supply the highest quality stone that fits the desired aesthetic and budget.



Our focus results in a deeper and broader knowledge base as well as a better understanding of the availability and feasibility of all the different types of stones for any project – simply because it is all we spend our time on. We are able to offer cost savings by getting materials produced in special sizes, finishes, and thicknesses at the source for projects and special orders. We offer a large variety, eliminate last-minute problems stemming from inexperience, get the perfect desired look, and save time & money.



We pride ourselves on our extensive inventory. Spread over 4 acres, our inventory has been procured from over 36 countries, with over 3000 types of marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, slates, travertine, onyx, and much more in all the standard sizes and finishes, ready for immediate pickup.

Custom Orders


Our knowledge base, lifetime of experience with thousands of projects, pure focus on supply, enormous inventory, and our reputation for quality and service give us the confidence to guarantee that we can supply any project, with any stone, from anywhere in the world, with the best quality and most competitive prices.



Our key staff members have more than 50 years of experience, on thousands of commercial and residential projects, and bring a broad knowledge base in selecting the right stone for a particular application. We carry stock and samples of all our products, and over the years we have proved to be a dependable source of stone products of consistent quality for large and small projects alike. Our staff is committed to working with project owners, designers, and contractors throughout the process.

Design and Architectural


We have both a full-time designer and full-time staff with AutoCAD knowledge, enabling us to work with your contractors and installers to provide take-offs from shop drawings and original designs that meet aesthetic, technical and structural requirements.



Over the years, we have built a huge network through the various quarries and factories that we have worked with around the world. As a part of this network, we have our own inspectors all over the world. All products are thoroughly and meticulously inspected before they ship to guarantee quality and correct dimensions regardless of the project size.

Cost Saving


As a factory-direct resource, we ensure large savings over pricing available from other intermediaries who add their own markup. Additionally, our knowledge base enables us to offer value engineering and suggest alternates to enable our clients to get the same look at more affordable price.