Spice Up Your Home with Stacked Stone

using stacked stones in your home

You’ve probably seen stacked stone around a fireplace or perhaps on a kitchen backsplash, but those designs are just the tip of the iceberg for how this versatile stone can be used.

It can add warmth to your interior or create an eye-catching exterior — or both! There are natural and artificial options on the market, but natural is the way to go for the most authentic look.

 Here are some ideas to help jumpstart your brainstorming:

Outside the Home

For some unique curb appeal, replace brick or vinyl siding with sleek stacked stone. It’s still pretty rare in the housing market, so you’re sure to draw some attention even if you only use stone on part of your home’s exterior.

Plus, natural stacked stone is easy to clean and maintain and will last longer than artificial siding. You can choose from a variety of stone colors to match the color of your siding and shutters, or spice things up and go with a contrast color.

On the Stairs

Do you want to take your home (and its guests and visitors) back in time? Using stacked stone along the staircase allows you to do just that. This works particularly well if you have a winding or spiral staircase.

However, using stacked stone on the stairs is not advisable for homes with young children, as stone can hurt if a child runs into it. The last thing you want is for your home decor to harm anyone living in it!

In the Basement

Stacked stone has a rustic feel to it that can lend itself well to a basement, especially if you have a bar or party atmosphere you’re going for. This is also a great way to create synergy between your home’s interior and exterior.

Don’t worry, you can still hang pictures or anything else you want to put on the walls. And, if you hang a dartboard, you don’t need to worry about stray darts damaging the stone!


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