Spring-cleaning to prepare to sell a house 

spring cleaning to sell a house


Some people greet the coming of spring with a thorough cleaning of the rooms, closets, basement, garage, and attic of their homes. For others, housecleaning is an ongoing activity not reserved just for spring.

No time is more appropriate for housecleaning than when you are grooming your living space for resale.

Why is a thorough cleaning and purging a good idea before you put your house on the market?

Buyers are not just looking at the layout of the house and its amenities. They try to visualize themselves living in this space. Cleanliness and lack of clutter make a house much more appealing than the “lived in” look. Pack away personal items like photos and certificates. Store or donate seasonal clothes and children’s outgrown toys and clothes. Consider packing boxes in garage, attic, or even rented storage space. You want a “bare” look that allows prospective buyers to visualize their stuff in this new space. Your house should be a blank canvas for their imagination.

Buyers get distracted if there is a lot of stuff in a room. Personal items and/or things around take away from the house itself. They make potential buyers feel as if there isn’t enough storage space in the house and garage.

Clutter and uncleanliness give potential buyers the feeling that they would have to work hard to keep the home clean.  A clean house will help dispel this thought, keeping the prospective buyers focus on the space and attractiveness of the home.

If you are moving, you are going to want to do a thorough culling of your possessions before you pack things to go. You might as well use the pre-selling time to get that task out of the way and create a roomier impression in your house for potential buyers at the same time.

Homes with minimal furniture and knick-knacks seem larger and airier. This is the impression you want potential buyers to have.

Buyers will comparison shop. You want your home to make the best impression of all the homes they will be seeing.

A fresh coat of paint is not a major expense when weighed against getting top dollar for your house.

Pay close attention to your home’s curb appeal. First impressions are critical. Make sure grass is tidy, any outside clutter has been removed, and some flowers have been planted. Make sure the front door is freshly painted; the space around it is clean and attractive.


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