Sprucing up a Patio

sprucing up the patio


Like everything else, your patio requires maintenance and renovation. Here are some tips for sprucing up that patio.

For a new look, try etching on the surface of your patio. The first step is to give the patio floor a thorough scouring. Patch any cracks or holes. Next, mark the pattern on the concrete with a marker or chalk. Follow the markings with a circular saw. Paint etched design with latex or oil-based paint to make it stand out.

Give your deck a new personality by applying paint, dye, or stain to the existing wood, stone, or concrete surface.

Get a facelift for your deck by using it as a substrate to support tiles, bricks, slate, or other masonry. Seal edges. Apply a sealing coat and presto, a new floor.

Turn your patio into an intimate, cozy alcove by adding curtains. These made of sturdy denim or canvas will offer shade and a windbreak.

Build a structure over your patio and plant climbing vines to fill out this structure. This provides an aesthetically pleasing and sheltered space.

Consider adding a daybed or wicker chairs or a hammock to your patio.

Add interest to your patio furniture by making cushions or hand painting plain purchased cushions.

Shop for unusual chairs at garage sales or flea markets and paint them vibrant colors.

Create planters from found objects and plant easy-to-maintain plants on your patio.

Create interesting throw rugs or buy them at a store.

Find patio furniture at summer close out sales for next year. Look for sets with sufficient seating and table space to host a crowd.

Enjoy the patio at night by string decorative lights around it.

Plant perennials around the patio for decoration and to deter pests.

Repurpose white boards and/or chalkboards so kids can display their art work and you can use it as a message board.

Add a fence for interest, privacy and/or a windbreak. There are lots of options.

Add a shed or repurpose existing garden structures as part of your patio. These might be used for storage, an office space, a games center, or a haven from the noise of the rest of the house.

Your patio can be a relaxing haven where you chill out after a long hard day at work. It can be a sheltered alcove where you enjoy a good book in solitude. Or it can be a place where you entertain in nice weather.


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