Structural Porcelain Paving – Alternative to Natural Stone Products

Structural Porcelain Paving


Structural porcelain paving is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to natural stone products, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Porcelain looks beautiful in almost any setting, and its technical specifications are truly outstanding.

That is why Southland Stone is delighted to offer you L’ Altra Pietra, which is Italian for ‘The Other Stone’… L’ Altra Pietra is characterized by great versatility, also in color and format range. It has a very realistic reproduction of natural stone in various textured finishes and is perfect for many applications, thanks to its various aesthetic and performance characteristics.

This 2cm (3/4”) thick flooring comes in 24” x 24” and elongated sizes to be laid outdoor which is perfect for shopping centers. It is easy to lay, because it is adjusted and vehicle accessible. If it is laid on screed, it ensures perfectly stable and extraordinary resistant surfaces that support the vehicle passage and parking. In case of floating floor, and therefore raised with support, it allows the installation of electric and hydraulic systems in the underlying cavity. A technical product with high-level aesthetics.

In residential areas, it is chosen because of its great resistance and versatility, thanks to the color and format range. It is resistant to thermal changing and ice, it is anti-slip, easy to lay because it is adjusted, vehicle accessible and resistant to molds. L’ALTRA PIETRA furnishes the private spaces with elegance and it also creates a surface continuity between outdoor and inner areas, thanks to the versions with reduced thickness, specific for internal use.

The slabs may be installed through dry laying procedure, to create Walkways, Paths or Trails on grass or gravel. This system is highly recommended for the resolution of drainage problems of the ground bottom water, as well as of concrete, such as on terraces or balconies.

A flooring that furnishes every open space according to the Made in Italy taste. It is particularly recommended to create squares, urban areas and gathering places frequented by people, such as shops, restaurants, bars or seaside resorts. The high resistance to abrasion guarantee an anti-wear effect over time that, combined with anti-slip and anti frost characteristics, make this material suitable for modern architectural contexts. Durability and absence of maintenance make L’ Altra Pietra a winning choice.


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