The Growing Popularity of Porcelain Panels

Growing Popularity of Porcelain Panels


Porcelain panels (sometimes called large-format porcelain panels or LFPP) are now finding their way into mainstream architecture. It is the answer to the world of architecture’s demands, an area in which a designer’s expression needs a wide range of environmentally friendly options.

Southland Stone PORSLIM in the unique size of 10’x5′ and also in tile format is a material with new high-performance qualities. They are strong, dense, nonporous, and impervious to moisture; resist scratching, staining, fading, and cracking; are not affected by freeze-thaw cycles; are chemical-resistant and are extremely low-maintenance; and do not emit VOCs or other chemicals. Properly installed, this PORSLIM should last as long as the building and spread that energy investment over a long service life.

The newly available technology has made it possible to create slabs with stunning size and minimum thickness (6mm). With the thickness at 6 mm, it is one of the unique qualities, along with its massive size, that make PORSLIM an essential material. The installation does not require the dismantling of pre-existing surfaces, and the large size means that the number of joints is reduced to the lowest possible quantity.

The versatility of PORSLIM thin panels allows it to be used for exterior cladding, walls, countertops, and other solid surfaces. It is light enough to be used on ceilings, door and cabinet facings, and sliding panels. It can be designed to any architectural finish that the artistic mind can conceive.


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