How to upgrade your outdoor space with natural stone


Incorporating natural stone into a home’s exterior design can help make outdoor spaces beautiful – while adding significant value to a property. From pathways and patios to walkways and water features, natural stone is a versatile building material that creates timeless features that help a home stand out. The following are six of our favorite home projects that will help upgrade your outdoor space with natural stone.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a popular home feature that allows homeowners to cook and entertain guests while enjoying beautiful weather and being outdoors. While traitionally thought of as only ideal for areas with year-round temperate climates, more homeowners around the country are choosing to build outdoor kitchens and create new outdoor living spaces. Natural stone is durable and low-maintenance, making it an ideal surface for an outdoor kitchen or even a grill surround.

Patio hardscape

When it comes to patio hardscapes, natural stone is the natural choice. There is a wide variety of stone to choose from, allowing homeowners to match the look and feel of their home. Flagstone, cobblestone, and slate tile are just a few examples of different natural stone styles that make beautiful, easy to maintain patio hardscapes.


Natural stone stairs marry form with functionality. Stone stairs are a safer alternative to grass or dirt covered hills, providing a solid way for friends and family to move across a sloped landscaped. Stone stairs are also ideal for environments with tiered landscaping or in areas where a stone retaining wall is already in use.


No need for stairs? Consider adding natural stone pavers in the ground, such as slate stepping stones, to create natural walkways that won’t disrupt the grass. This can help connect areas of the landscaping together, such as providing a path between the patio and a fire pit.

Retaining walls

Lining garden beds with a natural stone retaining wall provides a solid defense against erosion and the elements – while adding a touch of natural elegance to garden spaces. Consider building up retaining walls with stone capping to function as additional seating for guests when entertaining. Dry stacked stone can also be used in garden beds to add visual interest or support the edges of a garden.

Water features

The sound of running water from outdoor water features add instant tranquility and calm to a landscape. Whether it is a small fountain or a man-made babbling brook, water features can transform the look and feel of an outdoor living space. A stone gurgler water feature, for example, can be used to highlight a garden bed or fill a visually empty space in the yard.



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