The Varied Uses of Stone in Home Construction

the varied uses of stone


Stone has long been regarded as a practical and decorative building material both outside and more recently inside your house. But, while builders have been including stone as a feature in construction, it has recently taken on new uses and become easier to work with thanks to modern technology.

Stone has also moved from inexpensive and lovely landscaping material to durable and aesthetically pleasing material for countertops and floors in the kitchen to foyer floor and family room fireplace.

While stone is widely available and thus less costly than many other building products, it takes an experienced stonemason to lay exterior walls, fireplaces, and floors with stone that has to be cut. It is durable and easy to maintain but labor-intensive to use as a construction material.

Once stone was considered a good exterior material. It was also great for fireplaces. Then builders began to explore with using stone in other parts of construction. Today, stone is used more than just the floor and countertops. It is even being used the walls! Stone has become a popular option for interior walls. Thanks to modern manufacturing, you can get the look and feel of solid stone in easy-to-apply stone veneers. They are a cinch to apply with today’s stone-veneer pieces. DIYers can do the work that once required a stonemason to give that solid stone appearance. Here is how it goes:

First, use a trowel to apply a thin-set mortar to the back of stone veneer. Next, press stone-veneer pieces onto your concrete wall. This can be a brand new wall or one from which you’ve removed wallpaper or paneling or paint. Be sure to scrape away excess mortar before it has a chance to harden. Use pre-cut stone corner pieces in each spot where walls meet.

Allow your handiwork to dry and fully cure. Then apply a clear sealant with a stiff brush. Allow sealant to dry and you’re done.

Just as a stonewall provides interest and beauty to the exterior of your home, a stone veneer wall can add interest to your home’s interior. It can be a feature wall or you may choose to do all walls in a den or a recreation room.

Stone veneer panels enhance the look of a home’s exterior or interest in a foyer, hall, or family room inside your home. Stone veneer panels can be used to make a fireplace insert give the appearance of a full-wall fireplace.

Interest in stone veneers has grown rapidly because of its versatility and ease of application. The new stone veneers come in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, and surface textures. You might choose one that blends with the rest of the room décor or one that is an interesting contrast or focal point.

If you have a rustic log home, natural look stone will provide a homey contrast in fireplace, kitchen counter, or floors. If your home is an old Victorian, replacing painted or paneled walls with brick veneer will cover wall flaws that paint or paper cannot mask. For a Mexican décor, stone veneers that have a flat sandstone appearance are a good choice. There are many reasons why looking at the latest stone veneers for your next renovation project makes sense.


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