What To Know About Using Onyx Stone Tiles

Using Onyx Stone Tiles


This expensive yet rare stone comes requires proper installation and care when used in the home. Here are a few ways to handle them with care!

Cutting tiles

The fragile nature of onyx stone requires that it be backed with mesh, resin, or fiberglass as a reinforcement. Cutting tiles require a diamond blade on a wet saw, since anything less will cause the onyx to crack or have an uneven substrate. In addition, onyx stone tiles require a 5/8” cement backer board for floor installation and a ¼” cement backer board for those onyx wall tiles.

Preserving its translucency

Due to its translucency, onyx stone easily reflects the setting material beneath it thus affecting the stone’s color. As a result, onyx stone tiles should be laid on white mortar to preserve its translucency. Ensure that the mortar’s grooves have been smoothed out to prevent shadows from reflecting through the onyx stone.

Laying tiles

The unique nature of onyx tiles can bring with it a lot of tiles with inconsistent colors or patterns. To assist with the laying of onyx tiles, create a dry layout for the tiles to ensure that the tiles are blended well and the colors are well varied. Once you are happy with it, proceed to install your stunning onyx stone tiles.

Protecting onyx tiles

The highly porous nature of the onyx stone makes it extremely susceptible to moisture, etching and stains. As such, onyx tiles should be sealed with a sealer designed for porous stones. Once sealed, the tiles can be grouted. A good sealer will keep stains at bay while causing water to bead on the surface of the onyx tiles similar to that of a waxed car.

Cleaning onyx tiles

Although most people believe onyx stone to be hardy and categorize it in the same categories as marble or granite, the onyx stone is incredibly soft. The quickest way to etch or dull onyx stone is for it to come in contact with acidic liquids such as vinegar, lemon, or red wine. When cleaning onyx tiles, ensure that you use a mild soap and warm water. Clean your tiles in a circular motion, followed by fresh water to pick up any residual soap. Avoid bleaches or other harsh chemicals and floor cleaners when maintaining your onyx tiles.


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